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Powers of Attorney

Whether you want to write or update a Will, contest a Will or deal with the affairs of a loved one who has passed away, our expert lawyers can offer all of the legal support that you need.

The law around Wills and Estates can seem complicated but we’ll make it as simple as possible and communicate in plain English. We’ll give you clear information about the costs going forwards, so that you know exactly how much you’ll pay. We can also help you minimise the amount of inheritance tax your estate has to pay and make sure you can leave as much as possible to your loved ones.

We can also help you make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) if you're worried about managing your finances or making decisions in later life. 

Instructing us means you’ll get clear, cost-effective advice from our specialists. If a loved one has died, we’ll work sensitively and efficiently to minimise the stress you experience at this difficult time.

We can help with the following and more...

Writing or Updating a Will

Contesting a Will

Inheritance Tax Advice and Assistance

Lasting Powers of Attorney and

Court of Protection

  • Writing/Updating a Will, Research suggests Two-Thirds of people in the U.K. haven't made a will. By writing a Will, you leave your loved ones clear instructions on your wishes, from who will receive specific items to the kind of funeral you would like. Wills can also be used for tax planning and to protect your assets for future generations and from being used to pay nursing home fees.

  • Contesting a Will, Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things any of us have to go through. The grieving process can be made even more difficult when there is a dispute over a Will. Whether you feel you have been unfairly left out of a Will, not been adequately provided for, or you are acting as an executor and somebody else is contesting the Will, our specialist lawyers can help.

  • Inheritance Tax, More and more people are now affected by inheritance tax (IHT), and risk paying tax of up to 40%, over and above the nil rate band, of the value of their wealth on death. We can offer inheritance tax advice.

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection, The Court of Protection is the specialist Court for all issues relating to people who lack mental capacity to make their own specific decisions. The Court of Protection has the power to make decisions about:

    • A person’s capacity to make a decision

    • The personal welfare, property or affairs of people who lack capacity

    • Serious medical treatment – providing, withdrawing or withholding treatment to a person without capacity

    • Appointing a Deputy to make on-going decisions for a person who lacks mental capacity

    • A Lasting Power of Attorney or an Enduring Power of Attorney – whether the power is valid, objections to registration, scope of Attorney powers and removal of Attorney powers.

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