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Unfair Dismissal

Work is a big part of your life.


When you start a new job or when something goes wrong in your current role, it can be an uncertain and stressful time. We can help you with expert employment advice at any stage of your employment.

We can act for you from the very beginning when you are offered a new employment contract to sign, all the way through to when employment ends. If the relationship with your employers takes a turn for the worse - if you have a grievance, if you are disciplined, if you are at risk of redundancy - we can help.

We have an expert team of employment professionals ready to assist you with the following:-







  • Unfair dismissal (including constructive/wrongful dismissal)

  • Redundancy (including settlement agreements (former compromise agreements))

  • Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (TUPE) Regulation 2006, transfers (including the transfer of service provisions)

  • Breach of contract claims

  • Discrimination law including harassment and victimisation claims because of:

    • Age;

    • Disability;

    • Gender reassignment;

    • Marriage and civil partnership;

    • Pregnancy and maternity;

    • Race;

    • Religion or belief;

    • Sex; or

    • Sexual orientation

  • Equal pay claims

  • Whistleblowing claims

  • Health and safety issues

Making a Employment Law Claim

Employment Law is a constantly changing and evolving area of law and it is essential that anyone faced with an employment related issue seeks early legal advice so as to protect their position.

The time limits in the Employment Tribunal are very strict and many claims must be submitted within 3 months of a particular event. We are dedicated to providing a friendly, client focused service by minimising the risks associated with your claim.

We cover a wide range of employment law issues, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need legal advice

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