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Boundary or Trespass Disputes

Property issues are rarely black and white

Owning property doesn’t necessarily mean an exclusive right to use it. Other people may have legal rights over the land which need to be observed. It’s an area of law which frequently leads to tensions and disputes.

A right of way is a legal right to pass over someone else’s property. There can be public rights of way across footpaths, or rights of way across private land, known as easements. Each has the potential to cause legal and practical problems for property owners.​​​

We can help with the following and more...

Boundary Disputes


Planning Permission and Refusals

Residential Landlord & Tenant Disputes

  • Property Disputes, These are about more than just making things clear. They can involve injunctions, forcing someone to do, or stop doing, something in relation to a property. They can include claims about nuisance, boundry issues, rights to light and rights of way.

  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes, Most tenant and landlord disputes come about because either the tenant or landlord has breached their obligations, or because their interests conflict. Perhaps rent is in arrears or the tenant has unlawfully sub-let part of the property. Or perhaps there is a disagreement about a service charge or the terms of a lease renewal.

  • Rights of Way & Trespass, If rights of way and access issues are causing problems, our team of expert lawyers can help. Disputes about land can quickly become expensive and acrimonious, so our team gets to the heart of any problem quickly, designing the best possible solution for clients.With court proceedings always a last resort, we use skills in negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution for effective results.

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