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Child Arrangements

Has your marriage or relationship broken down?


if so, you’ll be looking for a team of legal experts to help you achieve the best resolution for you and your family. Our family law experts have decades of experience in helping people resolve issues around finances, children, property, business interests and all of the other complications that come with a divorce or seperation.

As well as divorce, our solicitors can also help with a wide range of other family law issues, including:

Financial Settlements

Civil Partnership


Unmarried Couples


Child Visitation


  • Financial Settlement, A financial settlement is a legally binding decision on how you and your partner will divide your assets and wealth when your marriage ends. 

  • Civil Partnership Dissolution, as above

  • Divorce, If you've made the difficult decision to separate or divorce before coming to see us. We understand the level of stress and emotional trauma that accompanies this decision and, no matter what stage you have reached, our experienced lawyers will guide and support you through the legal and practical considerations.

  • Unmarried Couples Rights, If you're an unmarried couple and your relationship breaks down, you may be surprised to find that you don’t have the same rights as people who are married or in a civil partnership. This means that if you decide to separate you don’t automatically have the right to share in each other’s finances and property. Whether you are moving in together or just planning for the future, it is a good idea to seek legal advice as there are steps you can take to give yourself certainty and avoid potential unfairness.

  • Child Visitation Rights, We understand that divorce and separation can be very difficult to come to terms with, especially when children are involved. Settling into a new routine as quickly as possible can help, which is why agreeing the arrangements for your children is one of the most important things to decide during a divorce. Our solicitors have a wealth of practical and legal experience in this area and can help you with a range of issues.

  • Mediation, Mediation is a way of sorting out finances and/or arrangements for the children after a separation, where you and your partner work with a mediator to try to resolve those issues. The mediator is neutral and will not take sides. He or she can provide information about the court process and the judicial system and explain the law.

If you think you need advice following your sepration or relationship breakdown complete our contact form.


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