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House Sale and/or Purchase

Buying or Selling a house is one of the most important decision you will ever make

We know that buying or selling a house is one of the most important, and expensive, decisions you’ll ever make. We want to help by offering you a comprehensive range of services.

Our solicitors, who have a wealth of experience, are able to deal with both simple and complex cases comprising freehold, leasehold, registered and unregistered property, helping to ensure that your transaction is dealt with in an efficient and professional manner so you’ll have total peace of mind – leaving you to concentrate on more important things, like choosing your new carpet or finding your new home.

We can help with the following and more...

Change/Transfer of

Title Deeds

Surveys, Searches and

Exchanging Contracts

Remortgaging and Transfer of Equity

Exchanging of Contracts

  • Drafting contracts, At the heart of any property transaction is the contract, which lays out the terms and conditions of the sale which will be agreed upon by both buyer and seller. An experienced conveyancing solicitor is needed to draft such a contract, as well as checking it thoroughly on the buyer’s side. There may also need to be negotiation and compromise on the terms of the contract before an exchange of contracts can take place

  • Conducting searches and checks, If you’re purchasing a property, you’ll need a trained legal professional to conduct certain searches and checks on your behalf. These include Local Authority searches which investigate the property’s boundaries, rights of way, planning constraints or permissions and any disputes. Other searches include environmental, water, drainage and land charges, as well as any other checks you may wish to have carried out.

  • Property surveys, A conveyancer can advise on valuation surveys, homebuyers reports and full structural surveys that may need to be carried out on a property you plan to purchase.

  • Exchanging contracts, When everyone’s happy with the terms of the contract, conveyancing solicitors on both sides will set a date to exchange contracts. On this date, both parties are committed to the transaction.

  • Equity Release, An equity release mortgage allows you to take the equity out of your property without the need to sell it. There is an eligibility test attached to these mortgages and typically you need to be a UK homeowner aged between 55 and 95.

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