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Different Types Of Solicitors

At some point in your life you may find yourself with a legal dilema and wish to seek advice from a solicitor who can resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.  Quite often, legal problems can become more complicated than you first realised and may have wide reaching complications. You therefore need someone to help who is trained in that particular type of law who can manage your issues professionally and discreetly.

Here at Bradford & Son we are specialists in many types of law.  We are your High Street solicitors. We are local, we are friendly and we are always happy to help.  We pride ourselves on being a long standing member of the community and have been established here in Rotherham since 1885.

To assist you with deciding what type of solicitor you need, here are a few examples:

Property Solicitors

Commonly known as ‘conveyancing’ solicitors this is the type of solicitor who would help with the sale and/or purchase of property.  When buying and selling property you will need to instruct a solicitor to guide you through the legal requirements of putting all the necessary documents in place.  Conveyancing can be very complicated. Here at Bradford & Son we have a specialist department which manages all aspects of conveyancing.

Divorce Solicitors

Widely referred to as ‘family law’, this type of solicitor can guide you through the minefield arising in dissolution of marriage/relationship, more commonly known as ‘divorce proceedings’.  Quite often this type of legal issue is emotional and draining. Having someone on board who can deal with the matter with the least amount of acrimony will increase the chances of a successful outcome. Whether there are children, property, assets or monies involved, Bradford & Son can find a solution to resolve these issues efficiently and professionally.  

Personal Injury Solicitors

If you have suffered injury or damage to your health which was not your own fault then you will need to instruct this type of help to assist you in claiming compensation against the other party.  There are lots of different types of claim under this heading. Whether you have been injured at work, or in a road traffic accident, have been mis-diagnosed or have suffered other type of injury, to win your claim you must prove that someone else’s actions caused you pain and suffering.  These claims can take anything from 6 months to 3 years, and occasionally longer to reach conclusion. At Bradford & Son we realise that personal injury can have a dramatic and sometimes devastating effect on your life. We will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the best possible support.  

Commercial Solicitors

This type of law is often referred to as ‘business law’ or ‘corporate law’ and covers a wide variety of commercial activities.   Clients may typically include banks, insurance companies, small and large businesses and here at Bradford & Son we specialise in advising companies/businesses on the legal issues they may face.  We manage this quickly and efficiently and with the utmost discretion.

Employment Solicitors

Bradford & Son offer expert and practical advice to our clients.  We work with individuals and companies to ensure that access to legal advice is affordable.  Our approach is personal and we pride ourselves on working with the client to provide support through a very complex legal area.  This area of law is often subject to change with technical issues and legal rules that are updated regularly. It is therefore our duty to ensure a careful approach and understanding of your particular case.  If you have an employment law problem, let us be part of the solution.

Probate Solicitors

Providing assistance through a variety of topics including wills, inheritance tax, probate and trusts, Bradford & Son has an experienced team dealing with these, often, sensitive issues.  Nobody wants to think about the end of their life or a recently deceased family member but an essential part of law these days will require you to have some kind of arrangements in place. We can provide effective, simple advice for putting those plans into place.  Likewise we can assist you with the preparation of wills, guide you through the complexities of inheritance and trusts and assist you in sorting out a deceased person’s affairs.

We can also advise and assist in the preparation of Power of Attorney and in applications in the Court of Protection.

This information is a brief overview of some of the services we offer.  This list is not exhaustive, the full range of services we offer being wider.  Please give us a call about any legal matter and we will let you know if we can assist.  

Our staff are friendly and approachable.  We are always happy to listen, help and advise. 

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